Since the early nineties professional musician and creative. Focus on composing and arranging music.

Plenty of experience in scoring movies and creating music for corporate films, as well as commercials, jingles, sound-logos etc.

CD- and playback productions for solo-artists in a variety of genres including classical, jazz, rock and other modern styles



Friendly atmosphere and flexibility with clients, partners and artists. Accurate and fast realization of projects while being straightforward and down-to-earth in the production process. My ideal are productive long-term relationships.

Early Years

Born in Munich, Germany. Eleven years of private classical piano study. Self-educated in jazz, pop, arrangement, composition.

After several band projects and being on tour for 3 years, co-founder of "FORE", a German pop-duo. 1990 launch of the album "The Race" (BMG-Ariola). Title song chosen as the official song for the ATP Tennis World Championship in 1991.

Since 1991 intense collaboration with music-producer and composer Michael Hofmann de Boer. With him: countless arrangements and compositions for film- and CD-productions, corporate music productions and commercials.

Highly productive ever since: about 400 minutes of music produced each year (over 6.5 hours).

Music, compositions and arrangements for

Michael Hofmann de Boer, Harold Faltermeyer, Reinhold Mack, Michael Schanze, Wind, Misha Segal, Gregor Prächt, Peter Horton, Charlie Glass, Holger Tenschert, Steiner-Film, Atelier & Friends, Bayerl & Partner, Discovery Media, Rebecca Sol, Peter Fricke, Gogol Lobmayr, Chill E.B., et al.


BMW, Audi, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, British-American-Tobacco, Linde, Lindt, Bundesverband Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, Wiesenhof, Gothaer Versicherungen, InTouch, Mustang-Jeans, McCann Erickson, Microsoft, Hofbräu-Traunstein, Börse Stuttgart, Metabolic Balance, Bayern Tourismus Marketing, Knauf-AMF, Volkswagen, Endemol, et al.


Arrangements and co-compositions for more than 30 feature films of all genres (comedy, action, crime, drama, horror) for all German TV stations. Some of them are:

  • "Sein letzter Wille" (1993) - comedy
  • "Der Blaue Diamant" (1993) - action
  • "Das wilde Mädchen" (1995) - drama
  • "Der Ehrabschneider" (1998) - comedy
  • "Frau zu sein bedarf es wenig" (1998) - comedy
  • "Unsere Kinder - Verschollen im Urlaub" (1998) - action
  • "Vorübergehend verstorben" (1998) - crime
  • "Der Superbulle und die Halbstarken" (2000) - action
  • "Ein Vater zum Verlieben" (2001) - comedy
  • "Geregelte Verhältnisse" (2001) - comedy
  • "Nicht ohne deine Liebe" (2002) - drama
  • "Ein einsames Haus am See" (2004) - horror
  • "Ein Fall für den Fuchs", 4 Folgen (2005-2007) - crime comedy
  • "Meine Oma ist die Beste" (2010) - romance
  • "Eine glückliche Familie" (2011) - comedy
  • "Das Traumhotel" (seit 2006) - romance - so far 13 episodes

TV serial

Arrangements and co-compositions for more than 200 episodes of various TV serials (choice):

  • 5 episodes "Der Alte"
  • 3 episodes "Die Männer vom K3"
  • 12 episodes "Liebe ist Privatsache"
  • 13 episodes "Sophie - schlauer als die Polizei" (SAT1)
  • 20 episodes "Florida Lady" (ZDF)
  • 90 episodes "Samt und Seide" (ZDF)
  • Since 2005 "Rosenheim Cops" (ZDF)
  • Since 2007 "Da kommt Kalle" (ZDF)
  • 2013 "Woozle-Goozle" (Super-RTL)


"Fascinating Nature" (1994)

So far 2 feature films for american TV and DVD-production:

  • "The Unquiet" - horror (2007)
  • "Shadows in Paradise" - action (2009)



  • FORE - "The Race" (1990)
  • m.p.e. - Jazzproject (1993)
  • Chris Thompson - Florida Lady (1994)
  • Michael Schanze (2 CDs 2001 - zur TV-Serie "Kinderquatsch")
  • Tiramisu (2009)
  • Mezzo-Sopranistin Rebecca Sol (2010)
  • Gregor Prächt "Crusoe" (2011)


"THE RACE" (1990)
First album release of Pop-Duo "Fore" (co-founded with Julian Feifel). The theme-song became the official song of the ATP-World-Championship in 1990.

Arranger, orchestrator and co-composer for the renowned movie-documentary. 90 minutes on the most spectacular landscapes on earth. Previewed on Sundance Film Festival.

Co-composition and arrangement for a 40-minute-dance-show for the international car exhibit IAA 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany. As well as for the complete "Clean-Energy"-campaign with follow-up exhibition in Munich and CD release.

Grand-opening of the Mustang-Jeans factory museum. Development, composition and implementation of the musical concept for the "Travel-Through-Time"-exhibit room. In this installation the room has a display for every decade. As soon as a visitor steps in front of such a time slot display, the relevant music loop starts to play. Challenging: all the musical elements have to match in somehow, even if started at random times.

Makob |ˈmākōb | (no plural) self-chosen first- and stage name

New High German, children's speech: Contraction of the officially registered given names Max and Jakob. Originating from a two year old cousin not yet quite capable of speech.